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Leithagasse 15
2473 Potzneusiedl


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About us

We are a young, hard-working, family-owned company based in Austria. From our headquarters we direct two creative and open-minded teams of 20 people each; one in Austria, the other in the Slovak Republic. That’s a total of 40 people working for your optimal wood packaging solution.

Our modern, state of the art machinery allows for highly flexible production schedules. Therefore we can compete on a global scale when it comes to mass production. Additionally, we can provide new concepts and ideas that, in the end, give you individualized, unique, and practical packaging solutions.

What else makes us different? Creating your ideal packaging solution is our specialty. You can expect us to know every facet of how to best match your brand/product with ours. We listen closely to your needs so we can find you the best option, and we will communicate with you every step of the way. We are also different in that ecology and sustainability are part of our foundation; our products are based on those concepts.

We are looking forward to working for you:

Guenter Neumann (Owner/Project Development)                                                                                      
Katharina Neumann (Managing Director, AT)
Wolfgang Prettner (Factory Manager, AT) 

Romana Herdova (Factory Manager, SK)                                                                                                 
Vratislav Kusnier (Area Manager Purchasing, SK)
Daniela Galikova (Area Manager Administration, SK)                                                                                                  

Silvia Holla (Area Manager Production, SK)
Lucia Sediva (Commercial Management, AT; on maternity leave)
Stanislava Kusnierova (Commercial Management, SK, on maternity leave)